Coloring Fun


Coloring Fun is a color book application for children. It features 12 professionally designed drawings, including teddy bear, bicycle, boat, snowman that every kid would enjoy. Scrollable color wheel contains kid-friendly bright colors and makes color selection intuitive and easy. Touch and fill function creates professional looking paintings every time.

Besides entertainment, the app provides educational value by spelling out the names of each drawing when pressed on it. You can also save each drawing to the photo gallery by pressing the camera button in the app. Shaking the phone erases the drawing, and shaking it again will undo the erase.

By using the Coloring Fun app, your kid will be able to create master pieces that they will be proud of! They will also improve their spelling while they are having fun painting!


  • Gallery screen – see all images in colored form
  • Professionally drawn images
  • Scrolling color palette with 27 colors. The color palette is implemented like a wheel. You can slide the wheel to reveal more colors.
  • Ripple effect for coloring – a subtle water ripple effect is shown when coloring an image
  • Shake and delete. Re-shaking does an undo.
  • Click on the title of the image or the speech bubble to hear the spelling and pronunciation of the image.
  • Scroll horizontally to see more images
  • Store images in the photo gallery. Also visit the photo gallery from the app to verify the images stored.